Ravens Roost 50 Foundation for Families 

Ravens Roost 50
Foundation for  Families

Location of Raven Roost 50's parking lot. Permits on now.


New Clients click Here for a Parking Lot Application

New Users: Space is limited. New clients are assigned slots on first come first served basis and drawn from a pool of slots not renewed by former pass holders.

Ravens Roost 50 Foundation for Families, Inc.

Parking Lot Terms and Conditions

Your permit entitles you to park one vehicle on the Ravens Roost 50 Foundation for Families, Inc. Parking lot.  Adjacent spaces ? and access lanes ? may not be used for grills, chairs, etc., unless you have purchased an additional parking pass for that use.  Permits must be displayed at all times while in the tailgate lot.

Parking Lot opens 5 hours before game time?? NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Access lanes must be maintained at all times.  Be prepared to move if an emergency vehicle needs access.   

Cooking is not permitted within two feet of vehicles.  Do not place hot grills under your vehicle. Hot coals must be disposed of properly ? do not place any hot coals in a trash can!  Look for a designated container.  All connections for using propane tanks should be in good, safe working order - no frayed or kinked hoses permitted.  

Grilling or any other form of cooking or heating devices are not permitted in the garage (indoor parking) under any circumstance.

Fires, except in approved receptacles (such as the Coleman portable fireplace, grills, etc.) are prohibited.  No campfires or barrel burning.

Ravens Roost 50 Foundation for Families, Inc. is a nonprofit organization.  This lot is maintained by volunteers. All permit holders are responsible for their tailgate trash.  Please bag all trash and either (1) place in provided roll off dumpster (2) in front of your vehicle where a volunteer worker can easily pick it up


Please help keep the portable toilets clean for everyone.  Make sure you leave it in such a condition that you would be ready to turn around and use it right away!  Be respectful of your fellow tailgaters and our lot volunteers!

Neither Ravens Roost 50 Foundation for Families, Inc. nor the lot owner will be responsible for any property damage.  In addition, we will not be held liable for lost or stolen items.  Safely secure all personal items before leaving the tailgate lot for any reason.  Make sure your vehicle is locked.

Unruly conduct will not be tolerated and may result in your parking privilege being revoked. 

If for any reason Ravens Roost 50 Foundation for Families, Inc. can no longer offer parking on this lot, money will be refunded on a pro rata basis.

Ravens Roost 50 Foundation for Families, Inc. reserves the right to revoke tailgating privileges of individuals found not to comply with any of the above terms and conditions of use. 

Lost hangtags are subject to a $5.00 replacement fee.

If you have a problem while on our lot please seek out a lot volunteer for assistance.  They will be wearing yellow vests.  If they are unable to help they will seek out members of our Board of Directors for assistance.  Our Board of Directors reserves the right to settle all complaints and problems in the best interest of our Foundation, the lot owner, and any individuals involved.  Their decision is final.

Ravens Roost 50 wants your tailgate experience to be safe and enjoyable.  Please contact our website with any questions or suggestions. Our website is www.ravensroost50.com.