Ravens Roost 50 Foundation for Families 

Ravens Roost 50
Foundation for  Families


  1. The moral conduct and personal behavior of each member affect the Roost’s image.  This makes it imperative for the individual to act at all times with self-respect and integrity.  The impression made by individuals in the Roost on the community reflects upon the Roost as a whole.  All members will conduct themselves to support a positive relationship with the community.
  2. When violations of the Code of Conduct occur, any member found to be directly responsible for such violations will be subject to disciplinary action as stipulated in Article X of the Roost 50 By-Laws.


    Each Roost member has a responsibility to know and uphold all relevant Federal, State, and local laws, as well as the content of this Code of Conduct, our Mission Statement, and the Roost 50 By-Laws.

  4. The following may be grounds for expulsion:

    1. Conduct detrimental to the image, welfare, or reputation of Roost 50 and/or its members
    2. Threats of violence or acts of violence towards another individual on all Roost-leased property and/or at all Roost-sanctioned events.
    3. Ravens Roost 50 has been declared a drug-free environment.  The use, possession, or sale of illegal drugs on Roost-leased property and/or at Roost-sanctioned events is prohibited.
    4. Possession of firearms, explosives, or any other weapons on Roost-leased property and/or at Roost-sanctioned events is prohibited, except for Law Enforcement Officers.

I hereby affirm that I have read this Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it.  I understand that any Code infraction on my part may result in censure, suspension or expulsion from Roost 50.  I further understand that failure to submit this signed affirmation may be grounds for denial of my application for membership in Roost 50.